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Nikola AirExtreme

AirExtreme is powered by intelligent purify system, which can filter 99.99% of PM2.5.

UV Light
Intelligent purify system

UV+ Icon

UV Light



AirExtreme, Beyond Fresh Air

AirExtreme able to release negative ion and kill the bacteria in the air with UV light as well as remove odour.

It also has air detector, which can show the air quality and powered by touch sensor.

Nikola AirExtreme - AirExtreme, Beyond Fresh Air
Nikola AirExtreme - Killing 99.99% Bacteria

Killing 99.99% bacteria

3 layers of H14 filter able to filter 99.99% of PM2.5 in the air.

UV Light, better protection

UV Light can break and kill the bacteria, viruses and allergens in the air.

Nikola AirExtreme - UV Light, Better Protection
Nikola AirExtreme - Silent, Yet High Coverage

Silent, yet high coverage

Operate silently with sound as low as 21.6db.

High coverage up to 50m2/h, with CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) rate at up to 180m3.

Intelligent Purify System

Intelligent purify system detects the air quality and activates purification system accordingly.

Nikola AirExtreme - Intelligent Purify System
Nikola AirExtreme - Control Panel

Control Panel

Touch screen control panel with LED display screen allows you to easily adjust everything with finger touch. It also comes with remote control. 

Release Of Negative Ion

AirExtreme releases negative ion which is better for our health, allows you to breath forest-liked air even at your home.

Nikola AirExtreme - Release Of Negative Ion

Carry and clean

Captures dirt. Everywhere.

Nikola S30 - All Floor Types

All Floor Types

Engineered to pick up ground-in dirt and fine dust from any floor type.

Nikola S30 - Mattresses and Upholstery

Mattresses and Upholstery

Powerful suction helps rid mattresses and furniture of dust mites and other microscopic allergens.

Nikola S30 - Car and Boats

Car and Boats

Small enough for hard-to-reach places. Powerful and long-lasting enough to clean the entire cabin.

What is in the box?

  1. Vacuum Main Engine (including Filter)
  2. Floor Brush
  3. Connecting Tube x 2
  4. Connector
  5. Round Brush
  6. Crevice Tool
  7. Dust Mite Brush (Optional)
Nikola P30 - What Is In The Box?




Model Code


Rate Power


Rated Voltage

220V-240V, 50/60Hz , 0.17A


Pure Copper


3 Stages Purification,
UV Light


Up to 12 hours


Up to 50m3 (538 sq ft)

Air Sensor



Food Grade ABS




365 x 235 x 595 (mm)

Cord Length


Usage Method

Remote Control

1 Year Limited Warranty for home use and motor/machine defect only (manufacturer defect)
*Any external defect and wear tear part is not covered under warranty.

Model X50
Motor Cyclone Max Brushless Motor
Suction Power Up to 25000Pa
Speed Mode 3 Speed Mode
AirWatt 150
Power 250W
Charging Time 5 Hours
Cord Length Cordless
Battery 2200mAh x 6
Usage Time up to 50 Minutes
Gross Weight (Full Part) 1.8kg
Dustbin Size 800ml
Product Length (Holder to Brush) 115cm
Display LED Display Screen
Filtration Stainless Steel Cyclone Cup + HEPA Filter
Wall Hanger Yes
Adapter Type 3Pin Plug
Cleaner Head
  • Electric Soft Roller Floor Brush With LED Light
  • Round Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Electric Dust Mite Brush
Add On N/A
Warranty 12 Months Local Warranty
Nikola Reviews

What Our Customers Say

Nikola - Reviews - Ginny



我是开始接触空气净化器已经有几年了,只从生了宝宝后,我买的更多,这个Nikola AirExtreme 空气净化器,我买了好几台了,一台放宝宝房,一台放我的房,一台放客厅。

Nikola - Reviews - Suesenna



我目前住在Condo,空间不大,而且我还有小狗,它大小便,它的毛也掉的周围都是。那我就买了这一台Nikola AirExtreme Air Purifier, 那些小狗的味道啊,煮饭的味道啊,就变得没那么重了,家里的空气都变得清新了。

Nikola - Reviews - Yen Theng
Yen Theng



以前家里烧香的话,我都是躲在房间里关紧门和窗户,怕烟会飞进来,因为我对烟雾敏感,一点点的烟雾就会令到我很不舒服,空气呼吸不顺畅。之后,我家人给我买了Nikola AirExtreme空气净化器。它可以自动检测空气质量,自动调节功能以达到最佳净化效果。有了它以后,以后家里烧香的时候,我就再也不用把自己锁在房间了啦。

Nikola - Reviews - AG Yunos
AG Yunos



I’ve got many cats at my home, and the pet fur is bringing a lot of problems to my health. With Nikola AirExtreme Air Purifier, now I feel a lot better, no more running nose or sneezing due to pet fur.

Nikola - Reviews - Syifa
Vivian Koh



This is probably the BEST purchase that i’ve made, Nikola AirExtreme Air Purifier has resolved my dust sensitive problem.


Our Happy Customers

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